PSME Horoscope: November

We commissioned Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne , to help us write a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right. Sign up to receive your PSME horoscope via digital email or text message every month.


As Jupiter, the majestic planet of success and optimism, has left your sign and returned to Pisces until December 20, you may note a dip in PHYSICAL energy. Your ruler Mars, planet of action, strength and willpower, is also retrograde in the sign of Gemini until January 12, which may also be killing your PMA. Focus on Type(s) 1-2 Fun for the moment and maybe stick to the rivers and valleys that you know for the time being. Listen to the body, (don’t) ignore the body. That said, this is a great time to check-in EMOTIONALLY and reflect on “your program.” The return of Jupiter to Pisces, uplifting your twelfth house of contemplation and solitude, means this is a great time to GO INSIDE THE OUTSIDE and get SPIRITUAL: Flotation therapy in Sedona? Meditate near the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mount Shasta? Sub 240 Solo Vision Quest in Joshua Tree? Mars is now retrograde in your Gemini third house of mindset and communication – brain fog and distraction may cause trouble until January 12. Although on November 17, Mercury, planet of logic and intellect, enters your Sagittarius ninth house of philosophy and worldviews, giving you access to MENTAL clarity and the gift of vision.


On November 8, there will be a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in your sign. Lunar Eclipses are superpowered Full Moons and this one occurs alongside electric Uranus and the assertive North Node, so expect a major PHYSICAL energy boost that day. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse also impacts your MENTAL health. The middle of November may find you uncharacteristically changeable and potentially erratic. You need to exorcize through exercise! Be wary of impulsive or EMOTIONAL spending this month, no matter how bad you think you need a Cake Maaka Flex. Rowdy and retrograde Mars in your Gemini second house of earnings and possessions is unstable and disrupts. Now is not the time to pick up a Lizard bag from RayonVert International or a new pair of Katharinas from Roa Hiking. With Jupiter in Aries now in retrograde until December, SPIRITUALLY speaking, this is a great time for assessing and/or reassessing your beliefs, such as: maybe Art Bell’s Fire the Grid really did make it rain?


Mars is officially retrograde in your sign. So, if you’re not “feeling it” and/or you’re experiencing unwanted PHYSICAL anxiety, it’s likely related to that. Mars also inflames and irritates, so emphasize warmups (keep the hips loose), cooldowns (victory laps) and recovery (chocolate milk or mochas) through January 12. Jupiter’s return to your Pisces tenth house of vocation, achievements and legacy—finally start writing that soon-to-be legendary Endurance Substack newsletter?—until December, brings MENTAL acuity and dope vision. With Mars retrograde in your sign this month, your EMOTIONAL patience may be challenged; maybe no Alpine Starts for you for the time being? Playfulness comes easy to you, focus on that. Later in the month around November 28, a powerful contact forms between retrograde Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius — this moment may bring a passionate and spirited re-energization of your SPIRITUAL vision and beliefs.  


On November 18, Mercury enters your Sagittarius sixth house of wellness and routine. Mercury may bring great news or helpful information, leading to continued and/or a renewed focus around METAPHYSICAL Fitness. A meeting of your caring and cautious ruler, the Moon, with an edgy retrograde Mars in Gemini on November 11 could bring-up habits and beliefs better left in the past. With that in mind, get your MENTAL game on lock and focus on Fun and Play. The remainder of Scorpio season, until November 22, may find you reassessing pleasure principles—that which used to hit, maybe doesn’t hit anymore—leaving you EMOTIONALLY challenged. That said, the South Node story in your fifth house of celebration and artistry is highlighted this month, which means that while you won’t be headed back into an old Flow State, you WILL be headed into a new Flow State. Jupiter, planet of fortune, abundance and favor has returned to Pisces until December 20. SPIRITUALLY speaking, you may find New Hope and Higher Purpose.


The first half of November may find you incredibly stoked—pushing limits and meeting challenges may be your modus operandi, though with the dissolving South Node in your fourth house of PHYSICAL foundations, don’t expect to win races, set FKTs or look better than ever in your favorite Cordura-reinforced leggings. The point is, sweat but don’t sweat it. A Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, your tenth house of vocation and legacy, calls on you to focus your MENTAL energy on leadership and low key celebrity, especially on November 8th. Fire up TikTok and do some influencing around land stewardship, Future Nature-style environmentalism, trail maintenance, etc. Family and home life occupy your EMOTIONAL focus until Venus, planet of relationship, enters Sagittarius on November 16. Jupiter, the planet of faith and fortune, has returned to Pisces, bestowing you with the fortitude and constructive attitude you’ll need to deal with the SPIRITUAL stress caused by your Pisces eighth house of fear and transformative crises. 😬😬😬 It’s cool, you’ve got this.


Saturn’s forward movement in your Aquarius sixth house brings METAPHYSICAL clarity. The planet of structure, maturation and perseverance, encourages you to GET BACK ON THE PROGRAM and renew your subscriptions to Training Peaks, Strava, Back Body Project, Body By Pete, etc. Your Scorpio third house of mindset and communication has been packed with the Sun, your ruler Mercury, Venus and the South Node making things MENTALLY challenging but not in “the good way.” The Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 8 opens your mind and leads into a second half of the month dedicated to inner exploration and electric SPIRITUAL insights—expect transformation, rapture, nirvana, enlightenment, theme music, and a fresh perspective. This would be a good time to meditate while sitting on ley lines or fall asleep in a vortex. Now that Jupiter is at home in your seventh house of partnership, you’re inundated with confidence, EMOTIONAL exchanges are fruitful and magnetizing beneficial connections comes with ease—sounds like a great time to join an Endurance Cult and/or hang with the local chapter of Cardio Goths.


The month is off to a great start as Jupiter’s retrograde sends the planet of advancement back into your Pisces sixth house of wellbeing and routine. To achieve the glow (and quads) of an ascended master like Jupiter, seek a balanced approach to all things PHYSICAL. The macro scope of your worldviews and philosophical outlooks are under review as Mars retrograde began in late October and continues until January 12. There may be less MENTAL energy available during this transit for Type 4 and 5 Fun, but on November 16, the Sun enters your Sagittarius third house, boosting your PMA, rituals, and stoke. Get ready to do some EMOTIONAL work when an intense and dramatic Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse takes place in your Taurus eighth house of fears, entanglements and transformative crises on November 8. What fears, blocks and cruxes are you ready to transform this eclipse season? Retrograde Mars in your Gemini ninth house of wisdom, journeys and worldviews may pump the brakes on your visionary ventures. Expect SPIRITUAL washboards.


Late October’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign likely inspired you to reimagine your PHYSICAL potential and capabilities. Maybe you really could finish an Ironman? Maybe this is the year to ride the divide or thru-hike the AT? As this eclipse season continues, the influence remains. Around November 7, Venus, the planet of beauty and balance, makes a serious contact with structural Saturn in Aquarius, further supporting your commitment to obtaining a Cardio Goth and/or Subject Athlete Bod. As your ruler Mars began its retrograde in the final days of October, anxieties, transformative crises and entanglements dominate your MENTAL mind. The Mars retrograde in your Gemini eighth house continues through January 12 and will impact Mars-ruled Scorpios and Aries the most. Until then, it will be critical to scrutinize your fears, blocks and cruxes and deep-dive to their depths. On November 15, pleasure, romance, art and sensuality are boosted by a powerful Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces contact. Embrace your passionate nature and connect EMOTIONALLY. This month is more physically and materially oriented than SPIRITUAL. Until artful Venus, the ruler of your spiritual twelfth house, enters Sagittarius on November 16, inner life and hidden matters may feel more precarious.


Jupiter is back in your foundational fourth house, strengthening your PHYSICAL constitution and imbuing you with expansive energy. Perspectives, thought processes and consequential actions regarding your partnerships, public interactions and agreements are under intense review until January 12. Mars is now retrograde in your Gemini seventh house of relationship, so creative tension and the occasional heated debate should be anticipated—stay MENTALLY focused. EMOTIONALLY resonant Venus enters your sign on November 16, uplifting your spirits and improving your relationships. There is a break in the bad weather at the top of a mountain in your Scorpio twelfth house of contemplation and solitude this month. Your inner SPIRITUAL life may have felt like being pinned in a washing machine for a minute or two after the Scorpio Solar Eclipse in October. This is a great time for trail maintenance and giving away your old kit to those in need; your kindness may be a healing salve for a heavy conscience. 


A creative contact between encouraging Jupiter in Pisces and transformative Pluto in your sign, prompts a major evolution in your self-concept. This transit is full of positivity and evolutionary potential, especially around your PHYSICAL health and capabilities, though it requires your conscious dedication to self-belief. Jupiter’s retrograde return to your Pisces third house of mindset and communication is like a mini SPIRITUAL enlightenment this month. Jupiter is the planet of faith, wisdom and optimism, so until December 20, seeking out mind expanding education like a guided ayahuasca experience or vision quest, and thirsting for new knowledge (through books or by connecting to the Collective Consciousness) will become part and parcel to your everyday life. On November 8, the Taurus Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in your fifth house of pleasure, romance, play and artistry, brings EMOTIONAL rapture. Celebration, love and joy are almost guaranteed amidst this Venus-ruled eclipse. Although, with any eclipse, avoid over-intoxication and over-commitment because eclipse energy can be sketch—go big but don’t go too big!  Later in the month, on November 21 and 22, Mercury, Venus and the Sun, all meet in your Sagittarius twelfth house. This engagement brings intellect, compassion and MENTAL clarity into a part of your chart that is typically below the surface. Find creative ways to engage the suppressed or hidden parts of you so that they may become assets. #fuckaroundfindout


The low PMA and lack of energy that marked the majority of this summer and autumn should finally give way to resolute action this November. Saturn, your ruler and the planet of obstruction, slowness and limitations, has been retrograde in your first house of the body since June. But now that Saturn is direct, it’s time to once again experience the strength and endurance needed to push your PHYSICAL limitations. MENTALLY, your public image, reputation and legacy  are at the forefront of your mind, especially in the first half of the month. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and the South Node, are all transiting through your very visible and tangible Scorpio tenth house. A new beginning in your public life, attached to October’s Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse, may require surrender of an outdated public-facing identity or even career path.  Family matters present an EMOTIONAL climax for you at the Taurus Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on November 8. Reverberations of August’s seismic Uranus-North Node-Mars conjunction in Taurus, may continue to ripple through your home life, as this eclipse triggers those same points. You are being called to authenticity, to rectify your inner self and private life with the image that you’ve presented to the world. With faith and SPIRITUALLY oriented Jupiter back in Pisces and your second house of material values, attempt to see the Best In Class in the Basic. Spiritual materialism is not a substitute for honest reflection and right action.


Your ruler Jupiter returns to your sign this month. Jupiter brings the qualities of triumph, growth and excellence to the house of your body and PHYSICAL health. In all of your Endurance Pursuits, aim high, go big, and seize the day, because the great planet of fortune will only be on your side until December 20, and will not return for another twelve years: GET. IT. MENTAL: Jupiter gifts you immense optimism, wisdom and faith in your fullest potential until December. Mars’ retrograde in your Gemini fourth house of inner life and roots, until January 12, may bring some bad vibes and edginess. The challenge is to investigate that which makes you tick, as Mars is the planet of anger and aggression. Taking a detached and deductive approach to your own EMOTIONAL triggers could teach you priceless lessons in compassion and patience. The gang of planets in your Scorpio ninth house, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node, brings intense scrutiny of your belief systems during the first half of the month. You may find, as this is eclipse season, that philosophies and worldviews that you’ve held dear are being indiscriminately jettisoned. Let it happen, breathe through it.

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