PSME Horoscope: October

We commissioned Astrologer, Torrence Tremayne , to help us write a horoscope tailored specifically to the needs of Subject Athletes going Inside The Outside. If you’re an Endurance Cult Member, Rat, Sky Runner, All Terrain Bicycler, Orienteer, Privateer, Dead Reckoner, Future Naturer, Vortexual, Recreationalist, Merv, Randonerd, road cycler or similar please use and enjoy this horoscope designed to help you push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits while maintaining optimal PMA. From PBs and FKTs to (Type 5 Fun) Transcendence, we’re committed to get the timing right. Sign up to receive your PSME horoscope via digital email or text message every month.


Your ruler, Mars, is still direct in bright frenetic Gemini until the end of the month which means you may be experiencing pre-race jitters and/or a medical-grade need for some metaPHYSICAL fitness. While your traditional approach to this kinda anxious energy is to GBOGH you may want to lean into some Type 1 Fun like Hashing it up in the woods with friends. SPIRITUAL love is in the air and by the Full Moon on October 9 in your sign, a healing high point is possible. Mars forges onward in your Gemini third house until next March, bringing some MENTAL unrest in the meantime. This is a great time to focus on the meditative aspects of going Inside the Outside; listen to your heartbeat, find the flow state, forest bathe, talk to trees, etc. On October 15th the Moon reaches your ruler, Mars, and things might get EMOTIONALLY heated. Breathe through it and maybe really lean into that new found forest bathing practice.  


PHYSICAL: Lean into Type 1 Fun—pause the long, boring training miles and shred some singletrack or get lost in the woods on purpose. The Full Moon in your Aries twelfth house of introspection may have you going SPIRITUALLY deep. While isolating and ungrounding at times, don’t sweat it cause Jupiter remains in your Aries house until October 28, offering internal upliftment and inspiration in the face of any existential drama. Keep your MENTAL game on lock. Avoid conflicts around October 15th and trust that by the Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse on October 25, your interpersonal intelligence will be renewed, improving your relationships. Let go of EMOTIONAL entanglements and embrace epic new beginnings. 


Oh boi, you’re gonna need to take the edge off this month with a steady, dedicated metaPHYSICAL fitness routine. That said, by the end of the month things are looking up on the injuries and maladies fronts which means this is a great time for maintenance (stretching &  smoothies ) and expert opinions (coaches, gurus, The Universe, etc.).. You desire SPIRITUAL balance and ecstatic joy. MENTAL: This is a great month to focus on all forms of play; Agon, Alea, Mimicry and Llinx. EMOTIONAL: With Mars here opposing the house of alliances, you may be a bit erratic and prone to conflict so please…let someone else hold the map.


With Mercury entering your foundational Libra fourth house on October 10—the intersection of PHYSICAL energy abundance and home— now is the time to set a record FTP in your garage or crush Zwit in your basement. The last week of this month contains incredible SPIRITUAL shifts for children of the Moon such as yourself. EMOTIONAL: You may experience a personal restoration of hope. Just two days later, Mars goes retrograde in your twelfth house of introspection and mysticism, bringing inner unrest to attention for healing. Expect MENTAL clarity and the pioneering Aries Full Moon on October 9th to light up the leadership and legacy house of your chart. This is a great time to lead your own CORPS of Discovery. Plan a fun route and you may get lucky.


SPIRITUAL: The Aries Full Moon on October 9th will bring wisdom and vision to your Future Nature worldview. Fom October 10th until October 29th take advantage of Mercury in your mindset house, bringing increased MENTAL acuitygo Inside The Outside and write about it.. The Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse on October 25th will bring empowering new beginnings around metaPHYSICAL fitness but with it, South Node alongside the New Moon means you may be dealing with waning and/or inconsistent energy levels. Find new lines but don’t bonk. You may experience EMOTIONAL distance with family members; use this space for reflection and foster new beginnings. 


SPIRITUAL: The Aries Full Moon on October 9 takes place in your eighth house of the occult, mystery and entanglements —Portals, Vortices, and Magic!  Who’s the most MetaPHYSICAL Fitness this month? You are. Hope you have a once-in-a lifetime expedition planned because you’ve got lots of energy, power and strength. Stop thinking about how and why you failed to complete a route in the past and use your MENTAL strength instead, to start thinking about how and why you’re about to complete it this time. EMOTIONAL: At the end of October, retrograde Jupiter brings renewed joy and optimism to your relationships.


PHYSICAL: As Venus— your ruler and planet of beauty and magnetism—graces your first house of self concept and the body until October 23, this is a great time to stop building and start shredding—have energy, apply intention. MENTAL: Expect to be sharp and curious this month—learn to tie knots and/or read topo maps. You may be preoccupied with acquiring new gear like lightweight walking poles, backcountry metal-edged skis and glacier glasses.  An EMOTIONAL culmination occurs on October 9, as there is a Full Moon in Aries—enjoy feelings of optimism and self confidence. Expect some SPIRITUAL scrutiny—are algorithms good, or are they, in fact, bad for Earthlings—figure it out!


On October 9 an Aries Full Moon in your house of health habits spotlights your metaPHYSICAL fitness progress and contextualizes new goals, records, firsts, PBs, FTPs, etc. Magnetic Venus and the radiant Sun enter your sign on October 23. For you typically enigmatic and discreet Scorpios, this combo places a dazzling and radiant spotlight upon you. Inner life and introspection occupy your MENTAL energies for most of the month. On October 25, there is a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign, causing quite a stir. New Moons in your first house of the body, self concept and character, signify fresh EMOTIONAL energy and new beginnings.  As inquisitive Mercury makes its way through your isolated, though introspective, Libra twelfth house from October 10-29, it’s time to go Inside the Inside and use your SPIRITUAL energy for contemplation.


Your ruler, Jupiter, is currently retrograde in Aries so your energy levels may begin to wane towards the end of the month. In the meantime, this is still a good time to think about PHYSICAL participation. Join a club, go on a group run, show up for a 300k Brevet or power through something solo like an FKT. You may be occupied with objectives and community this month, as Mercury, the MENTAL planet, cruises through your Libra eleventh house of society, networks, organizations, hopes and wishes. You have vision and a plan—this is a great time to organize an event or build a club. That said, the planet of combat and discord is occupying your seventh house of partnerships and alliances, so for EMOTIONAL reasons please keep things Type 1 Fun. SPIRITUAL: On October 25, there is a New Moon/Solar Eclipse with Venus in your Scorpio twelfth house of introspection and mysticism; channel your inner Cardio Goth.


It’s go time. Since June 4, the planet of distance, limits, obstacles, structure and systems, has been retrograde and potentially making things PHYSICALLY difficult for you. That ends now. Retrograde Jupiter returns to your Pisces third house of mindset and communication leaving you feeling enlightened and MENTALLY wise. Expect mind-expanding insights on October 28th. With the Aries Full Moon in your fourth house things may become EMOTIONALLY resonant and rewarding. On October 9. Full Moons are moments of culmination, so anything you’ve been building around your home and family life should be coming to a satisfying, or even masterful conclusion. Jupiter, the planet of success, will be present. Retrograde Mercury in your worldview and higher knowledge house is finally going direct, leaving any latent existential and/or SPIRITUAL crises behind.


PHYSICAL: Since June 4, Saturn, the planet of distance, limits, obstacles, structure and systems, has been retrograde and potentially causing low PMA and high DNF. That challenging period is over in October so please consider this an invitation to get back on the program. MENTAL: Future Nature thoughts leave you feeling inspired and at peace. You may be drawn to the immediate, familiar and tangible, making this a good time to add to your technical poncho collection. EMOTIONAL October 5 may be an edgy or moody day, as the sensitive Moon joins malcontent Saturn in your sign. Let go of an old look and find a new look—again, this is a good time to add to that technical poncho collection. You may find yourself studying ancient endurance philosophies, meeting a SPIRITUAL guide or planning a vortex pilgrimage.


You’re concerned with resources, which is fine because this is a great month to magnetize generous patrons and baller clients. Apply MENTAL acuity and manifest. Jupiter is back. PHYSICAL feats that were accomplished early in the year—PBs— may be repeated or acknowledged. A few major events occur within 48 hours on October 22-23. The Sun and Venus enter Libra and your twelfth house  ruler, Saturn, goes direct after a retrograde beginning in early June, making this a great time for SPIRITUAL transformations and transcendental experiences.  A great deal of EMOTIONAL energy will be expended/demanded in the home environment this month—don’t stress, talk it out.

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