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Here’s the deal: strategists aka boring people and dudes without jobs and/or real responsibilities are always going to win in the real world of Cat 3 racing. There’s just no way around it. It can’t be helped. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us, including the fastest racers in the race, don’t want to compete. Road racing is a funny sport in that the strongest rider doesn’t always win. Hell, never wins is more like it! Well, what the fuck is that about? I mean, aren’t we ready, as country, for the strongest rider to start winning the race? That’s why we invented Knife Fights. KF’s are basically a race within the race that can only be won by the strongest racer with the greatest style. It’s super simple, it works like this. Who can ride off the front (throw a punch)—forcing the group to speed up and break apart and get confused and come a little undone—the most in any given race. How many punches can you throw? Whoever throws the most punches in a knife fight wins. Finally, the strongest rider wins the race.


  1. First, buy a pair of Most Animal socks.  Also, if you pre-order you get a discount. And/or if you’re a Cat 3 you also get a discount. You combine the discounts.
  2. Most Animal socks are how Knife Fighters are able to identify each other.
  3. That, and we will publish names or nicknames or numbers or code names or however each individual racer would like to be identified on AACK the night before each race. But those are just words. Socks will be how you VISUALLY know who is in the race with you. It’s like a wink in the form of a digital zebra striped sock designed by Steve Hockett.
  4. If you can’t afford socks but you can afford the race, send us a letter and we will send you some loaner socks. Also, claiming you can afford the one but not the other makes no sense because socks are cheaper and last a lot longer than a crit but whatever it doesn’t need to make sense.
  5. If you write us an essay about how and why you should get a pair of brand new socks to keep and race in, we will 1000% consider it. You might not get socks for free. But you might.
  6. Register as a Cat 3 to race one of the official races on the official Knife Fight calendar and race it. Sorry, this idea is dumb enough without trying to expand it too early to every category and every race. We’re only SO stupid. We like these races. And we think this is mostly a Cat 3 4 Lyfe kinda concept.
  7. During the race throw the most punches.
  8. Punches are defined as sprints or attacks off the front that cause “significant” disruption to the race.
  9. You know it when you do it. Others will also know it when you do it.
  10. You break-up a train, you force a bridge, you upset the tempo, you get out and stay out (those count as three punches), you speed things up when nobody wants to speed up. Basically think of it this way: it’s the same but different as the most aggressive rider classification. In a crit, most aggressive means Throwing Punches.
  1. Within two hours of completing the race you will be required to call us and leave a message. That message should detail the number and nature of each punch you threw.
  2. We will have a panel of anonymous judges attending each race that will either corroborate or deny your claim.
  3. It’s kinda like the honor system but it’s not exactly based on the honor system.
  4. The winner will win a MOST ANIMAL kit (all-new for 2017 jersey and bib shorts—not yet released!) in their size.
  5. Even if you’re the only one that enters the race you are still required to throw at least one punch.
  6. Also, just to be exceedingly clear, Throwing Punches is a metaphor for a SAFE but significant attack during the race. It’s not a literal call to action. And it’s not encouragement to ride like a dick. This is still a serious sport with rules and etiquette, and we expect that you will follow both.