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2012 Beaufort Memorial Cycling Classic

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We spoke with Team Exergy newcomer Kevin Mullervy about this year’s Speed Week. Kevin would go on to collect two top-five finishes as well as the Best Young Rider jersey as a part of Exergy’s dominant run. What follows are his words.

“The best way to train for something like Speed Week is to just race crits, so that’s what we did, racing in the weeks leading up to it. We brought the right guys and the whole team raced great together. Combine that with the fact that nobody crashed all week and we have a perfect week.”

“The crowds are all over the place. At a place like Athens, it’s a college town, and you have tens of thousands of fans around the course, way more than a typical crit. And they’re so loud you can’t even hear yourself think. At the end they’re cheering for you and offering you beers, it’s crazy. Other races there are a handful of people out there and that’s it. The thing is though, the same riders are in both races. It’s the same caliber of competition.

“It’s a long week. We raced seven races in a row, and there are transfers in between them. The tough part is that you’ll have a race late at night that doesn’t end till 10:00PM and you’re not in bed till 1:00AM. There’s a routine before a race: you wake up, you get some caffeine in your system, you take a spin, you eat, you get ready, you race. When you have a night race the day before a day race, that’s tough. Sleeping is tough.

“You have no internal clock, all you can do is go through your motions and race as best as possible.”

"I showed up to Speed Week with a broken wrist and some scrapes after getting plowed into by a Buick the day before my flight out… so things weren’t too hot to begin with, as far as my body’s integrity. Anyway, let’s just say my crit skills were not quite up to par at the start of the week, at least when it came to accident-avoidance. I took a brief skitter on the second day at Roswell in a corner after getting chopped and rolling a tire, but it didn’t seem to affect me much in the way of form."

—Nate King